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Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative’s mission is to aid and enhance the lives of those affected by Sickle Cell and associated disorders by providing client services, patient and family advocacy, and education.

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We are committed to providing essential programs and services to benefit individuals and families affected by Sickle Cell. We also educate clients as well as community members by providing access to quality educational experiences.

Client & Family Support Services

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Client & Family Support Services

2020 Youth Ambassador
Mirakle Monyah Wakefield’s Story

Mirakle was born September 18, 2006 in Indianapolis, IN. She was born with Sickle Cell SS, a disease she inherited as a result of both of her parents having the Sickle Cell trait.

Mirakle is excited to be a Child Ambassador for the Martin Center so she can help inform youth about sickle cell and how it impacts them. When asked what has the Martin Center done for her, she responded – “It gives me a break from the world that doesn’t understand me.”

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